Anne M. Pincus, Ph.D.


Introduction and Invitation to All New Clients

I welcome you to my practice, now in San Francisco as well as Sonoma county. I look forward to serving you professionally: attentively, and ethically--in the months ahead. I am also available as an ongoing resource whom you may contact if a crisis or difficult life transition should occur in the future.
My training is classically grounded in depth-oriented psychological theory, including ego and self-psychologies, also the traditions begun by C.G. Jung and W. Reich.

I always felt myself allied with existential and experiential humanists (Rogers, Maslow, Perls) in their emphasis on growth, self-actualization and the ongoing unfolding of an authentic self.
Client-Centered in my methods, I have studied eastern philosophy and spirtual practice for almost 4 decades. Consistent with such views is my transpersonal orientation. I have also received advanced training in several body-oriented approaches.
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Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA 94102